EZ-GUI Ground Station Unlocker Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Tweaking MultiWii PIDs with EZ-GUI Android App

Black Racer quad is ready and today we test it outdoors as we have a great window from Raining. On this outdoor flight, I tweak the PIDs on MultiWii SE 2.5 ...

EZGUI and useful apps for FPVers!

Just a quick look at some apps that make my life a little easier, both at the field and before i go. There is even one to warn me if I'm about to get rained on.. Thank ...

My DIY MultiWii-Bluetooth test with MultiWii EZ-GUI

Testing my DIY MultiWii-Bluetooth with android app. MultiWii EZ-GUI. useful for setting profile of MultiWii flight control and view flight data telemetry via bluetooth ...

Runner 250 Advance einstellen mit EZ-GUI für Android !!!

Denke das ist neu !!! Das ist mir heute Abend bei ner Flasche Rotwein so in den Kopf gekommen. Wünsch euch allen viel Spaß ;)

CC3D(Cleanflight) EZ-GUI Ground Station -Bluetooth

Phone flying with EZ-GUI, Cleanflight, Naze32, and 3DR Telemetry

Multiwii EZGUI telemetry with 3DR radio units

Short video on how to use a properly configured 3DR radio with EZGUI for longer distances.

MultiWii EZGUI via BT Demo

Here I show how to connect and read the settings on your Samsung tablet for your multiwii quadcopter. The samsung tablet is a 10" samasung 2. The bluetooth ...

use EZ-GUI to propeller balancer

July 30, 2014 show how to use MultiWii EZ-GUI to balance the propeller.

CJMCU with Baseflight and EZ-GUI

controlled via Bluetooth parts used: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/micro-quadcopter-flight-driver-controller-9dof-9-axis-altitude-sensor-stm32f103.html ...

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